The new red flag position on the fence behind the 300m mound has always been a wind flag position.
Ross Mason has made a red flag to fly in that position that can function as a wind flag. He has sewn the red section from two wind pennants together.  We’d appreciate it if that red flag was always used in that position.

Thanks, Kevin Win

600 yards this afternoon and the weather forecast is for partly cloudy, high of 18 degrees C – great weather for shooting


29 Nov 2014 Karori Rifle Club shooting at the Seddon Rifle Range, Trentham

Karori Rifle Club shooting at the Seddon Rifle Range, Trentham

Hello to all .303 shooters

This is the first of a few posts that will contain information on the upcoming Dick Travis VC .303 Nationals at Trentham 20125.
Please take time to read the course of fire and the entry conditions and rules. Entries can be accepted some time down the line but do give your entry some thought re accommodation, meals etc.

The 2015 shoot is going to be special if for no other reason that it is hard up against the centennial commemorations of the Gallipoli landings a calendar month after the DTVC. There will be a ceremony in some form this year to pay special homage to our mighty ANZAC soldiers.

Start you rifle and ammo preparation early, get your load development done and get those zeros. Remember that we shoot 300/500/600 yards. To get a zero for these distances you only need have a good 100 yard zero and a fairly good idea of your muzzle velocity. This is enough to extrapolate the required elevation adjustments for the longer distances.

The Sierra infinity program is good although any ballistic chart should be enough. For what it is worth a .303 174grain projectile travelling at the leisurely military speed of 2440 feet per second will require a point of impact of plus 6 inches at 100 yards for a dead zero at 300 yards.

500 yards is up 9 minutes more and 600 yards is up 6 minutes more. Works for me!

Any assistance with loads and zeros I am happy to help.

A good load is a Hornady 174 gr FMJBT with 42 grains of 2208.

There will be quite a lot of photos put up on the Karori Rifle Club website in the very near future so dial up the site and have a look at Trentham and some of the DTVC regulars.

Any queries about anything just email me on

Duncan McKee
Match Director

DTVC invite 2015

DTVCEntryDocument 2015 

Bring, Buy and Sell Night

Where |  Karori Rifle Club    When   |   Wednesday, 14th January 2015 (after shooting)

All are welcome to attend to buy and sell new & second hand goods

Enquiries to Nicole @ Karori Rifle Club phone: 386 3253 or 027 44 00 567    |   Businesses are welcome to sell – please contact us first to discuss

Karori Rifle Club Annual Bring Buy & Sell night All welcome to bring, buy & sell

Karori Rifle Clubs Annual Bring Buy & Sell night
All welcome to bring, buy & sell

Congratulations to Karori Club members who shot at the WRA Spring Meeting on Saturday 15 November 2014.

Graeme Cook – WRA Spring Meeting FO Champion

Wayne Sub’ – WRA Spring Meeting FTR Champion

Karyn Flanagan WRA Spring Meeting FTR – 3rd!

Karori Rifle Club member Bill Tabor arrived from the United States a couple of days ago. Bill usually stays with us until after the Ballinger Belt and leaves in February. However this is a short two week trip and Bill is wanting to sell his shooting kit while here.

Bill has everything a retailer could want to set up a fullbore shooting store.

Tomorrow he will be at Karori Rifle Club from around 1100hrs. He will need a hand to get his gear into the club and set up, so if any KRC member is willing to turn up early to assist Bill I’m sure you will get a good deal on anything on sale.

For Trentham Rifle Club and Petone Rifle Club would you please let your members know that before and after shooting both this weekend and next, there will be some top quality shooting equipment, consumables and components for sale at Karori Rifle Club.

For those that do not know Bill Tabor, this man is an extraordinary world renown shooter. He has come second in the Ballinger Belt twice. Is very knowledgable in everything from shooting techniques to reloading, gear, equipment and skills. But the most important thing of all – Bill doesn’t do mediocre – his gear is top of the line.

See you all tomorrow.

Kind regards
Nicole McKee

A quick congratulations to the KRC F-class shooters who made the NZ team for the inaugural match against Australia in January….GO NZ/KRC GO! ♥

New Zealand F Class Rifle Teams to complete against Australia Monday 12 January 2015, are as follows:

New Zealand F Class Rifle Team – F Open
Captain, Joey Meldrum , Christchurch
Wind coach, Owen Whiteman, Masterton.
Nik Chiew, Clevedon
Graeme Cook, Karori
Les Grimsey, Bruce
Paul Hoffman, Gisborne
Paul Neal, Franklin
Maurice Subritzky, Karori
Reserve, Frank Duckett, Masterton
On call, Iain May, Whangarei.

New Zealand F Class Rifle Team – FTR
Captain, Michael Shearer, Petone
Wind Coach, Anita Benbrook, Petone
Matt Culver, Petone
Rob Kerridge, Te Puke
Graham Piper, Hamilton Whatawhata
Wayne Subritzky, Karori
Darren Swaney, Malvern
Charles Watson, Whangarei
Reserve, Steve Flanagan, Karori
On call, Karen Flanagan, Karori