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Mainly Hunting are having their Final clearance sale this Saturday 13 December 2014.

Great pricing is expected so get in fast to get a good deal on some Christmas pressies.

Request from NRANZ – can you help?

Powder for Aust F Class Team Jan 2015

All club secretaries,
With the shortage of specialists powders at present in NZ we find ourselves in the position of having no 2209 powder to provide to the visiting Aust F Class Team for Jan 2015. These visitors can bring some loaded ammo with them, but not enough to shoot all events required for the Ntnl champs in Jan. In particular ADI 2209 powder. At this stage I need to locate approx. 3 bottles of 2209 powder (0.5kg) for the visiting Australian team. I’m happy to take part bottles if this is all that we can find.

Can you please circulate this email to your members to see if we can locate a few bottles of 2209.

André Doyle, Secretary, NRANZ

National Rifle Association of New Zealand Inc.
PO Box 47-036 Trentham, Wellington, New Zealand 5143 email:
Telephone +64 4 528 4843

Karori Rifle Club have begun a digital archive, to preserve our club history.  We are collecting photographs, articles and other memorabilia to include in this archive.
Do you have photos on your PC, phone, laptop that you could email to us?  Do you have old photos, posters, information about the club that you would like to share?

If you have anything you think we may be interested in please contact Karyn Flanagan

We are able to scan photographs if needed.

Karori Rifle Club member Bill Tabor arrived from the United States a couple of days ago. Bill usually stays with us until after the Ballinger Belt and leaves in February. However this is a short two week trip and Bill is wanting to sell his shooting kit while here.

Bill has everything a retailer could want to set up a fullbore shooting store.

Tomorrow he will be at Karori Rifle Club from around 1100hrs. He will need a hand to get his gear into the club and set up, so if any KRC member is willing to turn up early to assist Bill I’m sure you will get a good deal on anything on sale.

For Trentham Rifle Club and Petone Rifle Club would you please let your members know that before and after shooting both this weekend and next, there will be some top quality shooting equipment, consumables and components for sale at Karori Rifle Club.

For those that do not know Bill Tabor, this man is an extraordinary world renown shooter. He has come second in the Ballinger Belt twice. Is very knowledgable in everything from shooting techniques to reloading, gear, equipment and skills. But the most important thing of all – Bill doesn’t do mediocre – his gear is top of the line.

See you all tomorrow.

Kind regards
Nicole McKee

Come on one and all – KRC want to enter teams in the upcoming WRA spring meeting.

The WRA have changed the format and there is now a team’s event at 900 yards on Saturday 15th November. The teams are for TR, FO and FTR and will consist of 4 shooters in each team. We can submit more than one team. They are coached events so you don’t have to be “good enough” in order to be part of the team…we have some very good wind readers in the club who will help.

Email me if you are interested

Any questions just ask!




SAT 15 and SUN 16 NOVEMBER 2014


Read down for team information.

$40, A, B, C, F Open, FTR, $30 Tyro

Shooting starts 9am, entries down the range, self squadding

Manual marking: a feature of this season has been the improved marking
with a regular Butts Officer

10 shots at 300, 600 and 900 yards

This will be followed by a coached teams shoot at 900 yards, TR teams of 4 firing 15 shots each, cost $25, time limit 80 mins, shooting for the Collins Shield

F Class teams of 4 firing 15 shots each, cost $25, time limit 80 mins, cost $25, Trophy to be advised.

The Hawkes Bay shoot will not be held at Easter because it is being used for a training weekend, we are holding it the day after the Spring Meeting. It is possible that this will continue as the date for the competition.  You will note that we are incorporating a coached team’s match into the weekend on the Saturday afternoon at 900 yards.  TR shooters will shoot for what was the most prestigious team shooting trophy outside the nationals, the Collins Shield.
Both these days will be shot on manually marked targets.  If you currently shoot on electronic targets and plan to compete at the national champs, then you should consider shooting the weekend.

WRA Spring Meeting – 10 shots at 300 / 600 and 900 yards. Entry is $45 for A, B, C, FTR and F Open and $30 for Tyros.  Shooting starts at 9am.  We will need Wellington members to get the markers to the butts and the targets out for the day.  Shooters squad themselves, get there early if you need to be squadded with your coach or if you are sharing rifles.  Entries will be taken by Kevin Win down on the range.  This will be followed by a coached teams match at 900yds.

Coached Teams Match – TR Teams of 4 will fire 15 shots at 900 yards for the Collins Shield.  There will be F Class team shoots as well and we will get details to you soon of costs, team nos etc.

Hawkes Bay Champs – 10 shots at 800 and 900 then 15 at 900 yards.  There will be no Champion of Champion shoot this year as the last champs were in April last year.   We will get details out re costs soon.