All Grades
NameClubGrade300 Yards300 YardsTOTAL
Graeme Cook
Steve FlanaganKaroriFTR59.0658.04117.01
Karyn FlanaganKaroriFTR53.0359.0352.02112.06
Simon TeagueKaroriTR-C43.0144.0187.02
NameClubGrade600 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Graeme CookKaroriFO53.0558.03111.08
Frank DuckettMastertonFO5455.02109.02
Douglas BruntKaroriFO55.0452.04107.08
Colin BrownKaroriFO57.0447.02104.06
Craig HuntKaroriFO50.0253103.02
Maurice SubritzkyKaroriFO48.0145.0493.05
June MorrisKaroriFO4545
NameClubGrade600 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Wayne SubritzkyKaroriFTR57.0157.01114.02
Steve FlanaganKaroriFTR5354.01107.01
Karyn FlanaganKaroriFTR52.0252.02104.04
Ross TaitKaroriFTR51.0151.01102.02
Harry MayKaroriFTR47.014996.01
Ben HawinkelsKaroriFTR43.0143.01
NameClubGrade600 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Nicole McKeeKaroriTR-B47.0147.0394.04
Malcolm MorrisonKaroriTR-B44.0345.0489.07
Steve TeagueKaroriTR-C40.0239.0279.04
Charlotte FlanaganKaroriTR-A47.0447.04
Ernie SchuchKaroriTR-B39.0239.02
NameClubGrade800 Yards900 Yards1000rd YardsTOTAL
Colin BrownKaroriFO58.0158.0357.06173.10
Frank DuckettMastertonFO58.0456.0158.03172.08
Graeme CookKaroriFO58.0552.0248158.07
Maurice SKaroriFO58.0357.0241156.02
Craig HuntKaroriFO524653.02151.02
NameClubGrade800 Yards900 Yards1000 YardsTOTAL
Karyn FlanaganKaroriFTR57.0356.0455168.07
Steve FlanaganKaroriFTR58.0457.0251.04166.08
Wayne SKaroriFTR58.0253.0255.01166.05
Saul ReidKaroriFTR56.0256.0254166.04
Ernie SchuchKaroriFTR55.0156.0249160.03
Dominic Reiner-ClarkeKaroriFTR56.0251.0144.01151.04
Harry MayKaroriFTR54.015140145.01
Matt ClarkeKaroriFTR54.0347.0131132.04
Ben HawinkelsKaroriFTR5353
NameClubGrade800 Yards900 Yards1000 YardsTOTAL
Nicole McKeeKaroriTR-B47.0345.0341.02133.08
Malcolm MorrisonKaroriTR-B42.0142.0245.01129.04
NameClubGrade300 Yards500 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Colin BrownKaroriFO55.0359.0259.04173.09
Graeme CookKaroriFO57.0556.0454.03167.12
Craig HuntKaroriFO54.0153.0452.02159.07
Maurice SKaroriFO58.0253.03111.05
NameClubGrade300 Yards500 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Karyn FlanaganKaroriFTR59.046058.03177.07
Wayne SKaroriFTR55.0159.0755.01169.09
Steve FlanaganKaroriFTR5356.0259.06168.08
Saul ReidKaroriFTR56.0259.0349164.05
Ernie SchuchKaroriFTR56.0359.0347162.06
Matt ClarkeKaroriFTR57.0450.0753.01160.12
Ross TaitKaroriFTR50.0155.0152.01157.03
Ben HawinkelsKaroriFTR47.0153.0251.01151.04
Dominic Reiner-ClarkeKaroriFTR4949
NameClubGrade300 Yards500 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Simon TeagueKaroriTR-C42.034444.02130.05
Charlotte FlanaganKaroriTR-A50.0750.04100.11

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all gearing up for Nationals Week 2015.  For some of us it begins this Friday with the 300 metre National competition on Friday and Saturday morning. The shooting week schedule can been seen here

We are duty club again this weekend.  300 yards is the afternoon distance. We don’t need to set out the flags or bring them in which is a bonus, but we did need to have people taking turns as Range Officer.

On Sunday at the conclusion of prize giving for the WRA Championships, our club will be hosting the visiting Australian team for dinner. We will make the invitation open to all people at the range with a meal for $10 per head. All those that are representing NZ during Nationals week are expected to make an attendance.  All our club members that are representatives have no choice but to make an appearance, or we will hunt you down and pour Karyn’s Creamy Marshmallow Pineapple Lump Delight down your back while you shoot (not in the teams match of course).

If you are able to contribute by bringing a plate, a BIG plate that would be fantastic.  Find something that would compliment what we are already doing or if you are feeling really sweet, bring a desert/s as that has not been allocated.

Karyn and I have already started a menu and what we are doing is listed below.

Bread & Butter (sliced & rolls) – Karyn

Whole Rump
Sausages – Karyn & Steve (organic lamb sausages being done at butcher now)

Ham on bone

Green Salad
Kumara Salad 5kg
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Boiled Potatoes
Sausage Rolls

Chips & Dip (Karyn)

Fruit Salad
Creamy Marshmallow Pineapple Lump Delight

Good luck for Nationals week everyone.  We look forward to seeing you out at Seddon.

John and Deborah Deane are on their way here as I write.  Hawaiian shirts will be on sale again.  The bar is stocked. The humour is ready to erupt and the straight shooting, dead eye wind picking, trophy collecting, medal wearing shooters are raring to go.

See you down range 🙂

Nicole McKee

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 to all .303 rifle shooters.

Where has the last year gone! The new year is here and the good weather rolls in and with it the opportunity to exercise those lovely old Lee Enfield rifles.

Just a reminder that the Dick Travis VC .303 champs are being held on the 21st and 22nd of March this year. That is only 10 weeks away. Plenty of time to get that rifle prepped. The bedding done, the trigger smoothed, the ammo load tested and all set up for this year’s champs.

The standard of shooting is good and the fellowship between .303 shooters like no other on the range. I have arranged the traditional Indian Summer weather for March again and look forward to seeing you all at Trentham and the Karori Rifle Club in this historic year.

For those who have asked I believe the supply of Sierra Matchkings is short. The importer tells me there has been a run on them. They are certainly a great projectile and well capable of handling the 300, 500 and 600 matches. Their popularity continues. I hear that the Service projectile the Hornady 174fmjbt is also giving good results.

On another note the supply of ADI 2209 is short too but 41/42 grains 0f 2208 provide most shooters with good mv and down range performance.

A visit to the Karori Rifle Club website shows some photos of past DTVC shoots. KRC is welcoming and the dinner and drinks and .303 talk on the Saturday night is becoming a legend. Please remember that all are made welcome at Karori and the DTVC. Those who are competitive and those who are commemorative. There is a place for all who love the old rimmed case in the DTVC Nationals so don’t be shy and do make the effort and join us in March.

Any queries will be answered in a timely fashion just email me

Duncan McKee
Match Director

Mainly Hunting are having their Final clearance sale this Saturday 13 December 2014.

Great pricing is expected so get in fast to get a good deal on some Christmas pressies.

Hello to all .303 shooters

This is the first of a few posts that will contain information on the upcoming Dick Travis VC .303 Nationals at Trentham 20125.
Please take time to read the course of fire and the entry conditions and rules. Entries can be accepted some time down the line but do give your entry some thought re accommodation, meals etc.

The 2015 shoot is going to be special if for no other reason that it is hard up against the centennial commemorations of the Gallipoli landings a calendar month after the DTVC. There will be a ceremony in some form this year to pay special homage to our mighty ANZAC soldiers.

Start you rifle and ammo preparation early, get your load development done and get those zeros. Remember that we shoot 300/500/600 yards. To get a zero for these distances you only need have a good 100 yard zero and a fairly good idea of your muzzle velocity. This is enough to extrapolate the required elevation adjustments for the longer distances.

The Sierra infinity program is good although any ballistic chart should be enough. For what it is worth a .303 174grain projectile travelling at the leisurely military speed of 2440 feet per second will require a point of impact of plus 6 inches at 100 yards for a dead zero at 300 yards.

500 yards is up 9 minutes more and 600 yards is up 6 minutes more. Works for me!

Any assistance with loads and zeros I am happy to help.

A good load is a Hornady 174 gr FMJBT with 42 grains of 2208.

There will be quite a lot of photos put up on the Karori Rifle Club website in the very near future so dial up the site and have a look at Trentham and some of the DTVC regulars.

Any queries about anything just email me

Duncan McKee
Match Director

DTVC invite 2015

DTVCEntryDocument 2015