Welcome to the Karori Rifle Club (established in 1892)

Our Clubrooms

We are located at the Seddon Rifle Range in Trentham and have warm and inviting spacious clubrooms with a bar, kitchen and full bathroom facilities.

Family Environment
Our family friendly environment encourages shooters to bring their families for social events and BBQ’s.  We often spark up our KRC BBQ after shooting. We have families shooting together, husbands and wives, parents & teens, grandparents and grandchildren.  There is no age limit. This is a sport you can compete against with your family and friends on an equal footing.

New Shooters Welcomed
We have club rifles available for new shooters, and ammunition can be purchased through our club.  We welcome new shooters.
Would you like to come and see what we do?   contact Karyn at karyn@badgeorders.co.nz

Women in Long Range Target Shooting
Women started joining the club in 1968, Viv Collings and Wendy Pritchard were our first lady members.  The Karori Rifle Club has a number of women members. We are proud to be a family friendly rifle club.

Travel Shooting
Karori Club members often travel to other championships around NZ.  We are also seen at international events.  Travel as an individual or as part of a Karori Rifle Club group.

International Shooters
International shooters are welcome to visit the Karori Rifle Club and use it as a base.  Please contact Karyn at karyn@badgeorders.co.nz.

The Karori Rifle Club was established in 1892.  see more about our history

Wellington Rifle Association
The Karori Rifle Club is part of the Wellington Rifle Association, which is made up from 3 clubs;
the Karori Rifle Club, the Petone Rifle Club and the Trentham Rifle Club.

Why is Karori Rifle Club based in Trentham?
There were a number of rifle ranges in the Karori area including out in Makara, and the government moved a number of the defence rifle clubs in the district to the rifle ranges at Trentham.
The Karori Defence Rifle Club moved to the Seddon Rifle Range in Trentham in 1906.