Hi everyone,

I hope you are all gearing up for Nationals Week 2015.  For some of us it begins this Friday with the 300 metre National competition on Friday and Saturday morning. The shooting week schedule can been seen here http://www.nranz.com/uploads/events/Champs%20Program2%202015.pdf

We are duty club again this weekend.  300 yards is the afternoon distance. We don’t need to set out the flags or bring them in which is a bonus, but we did need to have people taking turns as Range Officer.

On Sunday at the conclusion of prize giving for the WRA Championships, our club will be hosting the visiting Australian team for dinner. We will make the invitation open to all people at the range with a meal for $10 per head. All those that are representing NZ during Nationals week are expected to make an attendance.  All our club members that are representatives have no choice but to make an appearance, or we will hunt you down and pour Karyn’s Creamy Marshmallow Pineapple Lump Delight down your back while you shoot (not in the teams match of course).

If you are able to contribute by bringing a plate, a BIG plate that would be fantastic.  Find something that would compliment what we are already doing or if you are feeling really sweet, bring a desert/s as that has not been allocated.

Karyn and I have already started a menu and what we are doing is listed below.

Bread & Butter (sliced & rolls) – Karyn

Whole Rump
Sausages – Karyn & Steve (organic lamb sausages being done at butcher now)

Ham on bone

Green Salad
Kumara Salad 5kg
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Boiled Potatoes
Sausage Rolls

Chips & Dip (Karyn)

Fruit Salad
Creamy Marshmallow Pineapple Lump Delight

Good luck for Nationals week everyone.  We look forward to seeing you out at Seddon.

John and Deborah Deane are on their way here as I write.  Hawaiian shirts will be on sale again.  The bar is stocked. The humour is ready to erupt and the straight shooting, dead eye wind picking, trophy collecting, medal wearing shooters are raring to go.

See you down range 🙂

Nicole McKee