Hi everyone

Karori Rifle Club had a fun and extremely busy NRA week in 2015.

We provided 11 markers and 1 assistant butts officer. They deserve recognition for the great job they did over the week.  Thanks Katie, Kiriahi, Rex, Sophie, Milla, Ellie, Nyah, Ryan, Seren, Storm (hope you get better soon Storm) and Olivia. As well as our Assistant Butts Officer Jakarna. A number of our crew worked tirelessly for 9 days straight. That’s a big effort for teenage kids. Kiriahi was awarded Top Marker for the NRANZ 2015 Championships for her work and also her excellent attitude which included helping the other markers and the butts officers. Her demeanour is reflected throughout all our club members.

I would like to pay special tribute to our Committee – Steve, Graeme, Maurice, Wayne. They have worked very hard to run a successful NRA week, especially one that was so busy.  Next is a big thanks to all our club members for their hard work leading up to and during NRA week. For the support, hands, laughter, food, families and spouses. The wives and husbands that shopped for us during the week, brought food for the dinners and supported us shooting. Club members who weren’t shooting that popped in to say hello and give encouragement.  Thanks Margaret, Pat, June, Sue, Janey, Catherine and Duncan. We achieved a lot and we had fun doing it.   Karyn is an absolute legend with her ideas, her stamina and her dedication to our club. A driving force that we appreciate immensely. Deborah Deane for helping out where ever needed, especially with lunch preparations and her wonderful sewing skills with the new bunting for the deck to spruce our club up with vitality and colour. Margaret for coming also helping with lunches and stocking the bar for us. A big thank you to Steve’s mum Pat for her salad’s for the Australian team’s welcoming BBQ. Pat made a huge amount of food for us.

We hosted the Australian F Class teams and what a ball we had doing that.  It began with a welcoming BBQ for the Australians. Great to see old friends and make so many new ones too. Young Teddd (aka Tim, but Teddd suits him better) and his fudge had most of us addicted and many of us getting his infamous recipe. We hosted our annual Bring Buy and Sell night during the week, lunch for the Australians and fed our markers. We entered three teams for the Saturday club match before the finals with ring-ins from all over the world.

I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. I enjoyed the Saturday night of the final, relaxing and sharing with everyone the highs of the week and the highs yet to come. We found the light at the end of the tunnel and we came out of it at full speed.  Well done Karori Rifle Club. Give yourselves a big pat on the back and a toast to the future.

Thanks Jenni Hausler and the Australians.  You guys were a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed having you with us – let’s do it again J

Our members also achieved results throughout the week.

Starting with the 300m Wellington and New Zealand Championships.

I won gold for top Lady shooter in the Wellington 300m and bronze for overall in Open Class; also silver for Lady shooter in NZ 300m Nationals and bronze for overall in Open Class.

Followed by the Wellington Championships:

I won the Long Range Aggregate and the David August Memorial Trophy and bronze for grand aggregate in B Grade.

Saul won the FTR class by 4 points.

Graeme came second in the F-Open class.

Then there was the Masefield

Wayne came second in FTR by 1 point

Finally the Ballinger Belt

A big achievement by Wayne to come second in FTR. Well done and congratulations

Also congratulations to Maurice for making the final and finishing up sixth place in F-Open.

To Karyn and Saul for both getting their names onto the leader board.

To Steve Morris – well done for shooting the week. Top effort from you and it was great to see you there every day.

To Charlotte Flanagan who also did really well over the week, coming 3rd in B Grade in the Masefield, 5th in her grade in the Ballinger Belt. She also took out top services award in the Masefield. Still doing us proud, keep up the good work and straight shooting.

There were 11 of us that competed at some or all of the stages of the 9 days of shooting as well as the 12 down in the butts.  That is a really big effort from Karori Rifle Club.  Thanks everyone.  Below is a table of our results for NRA week 2015.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did.


WN 300m NZ 300m WN Champs Masefield Ballinger Belt Overall
A Grade TR John Deane 34th 30th 37th 51st
Richard Liddell 14th
B Grade TR Nicole McKee 3rd 3rd 3rd 7th 16th 53rd
FTR Wayne Subritzky 2nd 2nd 2nd
Saul Reid 1st 11th 10th 10th
Karyn Flanagan 16th 17th 16th 16th
Steve Flanagan 18th 23rd 26th 26th
Ross Tait 10th
F-Open Graeme Cook 2nd 6th 8th 8th
Maurice Subritzky 10th 6th 6th
Steve Morris 9th 17th 16th 16th

Pat yourselves on the back guys and girls – you did yourselves and your club proud. Well done.

Nicole McKee
Karori Rifle Club President