Request from NRANZ – can you help?

Powder for Aust F Class Team Jan 2015

All club secretaries,
With the shortage of specialists powders at present in NZ we find ourselves in the position of having no 2209 powder to provide to the visiting Aust F Class Team for Jan 2015. These visitors can bring some loaded ammo with them, but not enough to shoot all events required for the Ntnl champs in Jan. In particular ADI 2209 powder. At this stage I need to locate approx. 3 bottles of 2209 powder (0.5kg) for the visiting Australian team. I’m happy to take part bottles if this is all that we can find.

Can you please circulate this email to your members to see if we can locate a few bottles of 2209.

André Doyle, Secretary, NRANZ

National Rifle Association of New Zealand Inc.
PO Box 47-036 Trentham, Wellington, New Zealand 5143 email:
Telephone +64 4 528 4843