Karori Rifle Club member Bill Tabor arrived from the United States a couple of days ago. Bill usually stays with us until after the Ballinger Belt and leaves in February. However this is a short two week trip and Bill is wanting to sell his shooting kit while here.

Bill has everything a retailer could want to set up a fullbore shooting store.

Tomorrow he will be at Karori Rifle Club from around 1100hrs. He will need a hand to get his gear into the club and set up, so if any KRC member is willing to turn up early to assist Bill I’m sure you will get a good deal on anything on sale.

For Trentham Rifle Club and Petone Rifle Club would you please let your members know that before and after shooting both this weekend and next, there will be some top quality shooting equipment, consumables and components for sale at Karori Rifle Club.

For those that do not know Bill Tabor, this man is an extraordinary world renown shooter. He has come second in the Ballinger Belt twice. Is very knowledgable in everything from shooting techniques to reloading, gear, equipment and skills. But the most important thing of all – Bill doesn’t do mediocre – his gear is top of the line.

See you all tomorrow.

Kind regards
Nicole McKee