Dick Travis VC .303 Nationals 2018 Match Report.

 Saturday the 17th of March 2018 rolled around very quickly and the Karori Rifle Club was filling with shooters at 730 am. Geoff Collings our usual scrutineer was in hospital (get well soon Geoff) so the task of checking that the rifles complied with the Trentham Range Standing Orders was carried out by nephew and NZ Rifle Team Armourer – Mike Collings. Thank you Mike. All rifles were declared fit for the purpose.

Thank you to Firearms Safety Specialists for the ECI and pen in each entry pack. Also to Derek Morris for the .303 key rings too.

The usual welcome was followed by a brief on the upcoming matches, code of conduct (emphasis on fun) and the workings of the electronic targets. With that done 14 shooters assembled at the 500 yard mound for the briefing by our Range Officer. Shots were going down range at 9am sharp.

The conditions were calm with little wind. A good score there to be had and achieved by most. Notably a pair of 49’s by reigning champion – Mike Collings – and possibles for Nicole M, Ernie Schuch and myself in the second string.

Despite the electronic targets being quicker to use the 14 shooters were still at it at 12pm. The Wellington Rifle Association club members were starting to arrive for the afternoon shoot at 300 yards. This meant the .303 shooters had little or no time for lunch. Still we were there to shoot not eat and most made do with something at the mound before the afternoon shooting began.

The weather was cooling but the wind was light. Scores at 300 were great with 8 shooters getting 49’s and possibles from Mike Collings and Nicole M (2). There was a bunch at the top with other shooters making there mark as they got to grips with the olde rifles.

Back the Karori Rifle Club for a beer or two, excuses, what if’s and a BBQ. Life is good…….

Day 1 saw Nicole out front having dropped 1 point over 4 matches and Mike Collings down 3.

New comers Ross Mason (SMLE) Callum Beardslee (No 4) and Alex Beesley (SMLE) and Kiriahi M (17) (Nicole’s No 4) were enjoying shooting the older rifles and the unique atmosphere of the Dick Travis VC shoot. Malcolm Morrison was regaining some of his form from years gone by. Daryl May (P14) from Petone and Ernie Schuch (SMLE) were starting to warm up at 300 yards and ready for the Sunday matches. John Jordan (P14) Steve Bain (P14) and Derek Morris (No4) were rueing lost points and determined to shoot better come Sunday. Regular .303 shooter Stuart Brown (No4) was fighting with a heavy cold and shooting below his usual high standard.

Breakfast was cooked on the BBQ early on Sunday morning. A good start to what was an eventful match or two. Shots went downrange at 9am sharp. The conditions were warmer than Saturday with sunshine and a light wind from left and right. Maybe a minute either side for the 600 yard match. Mike Collings shot first and put down a 49 and a 50 followed by a 48 and 49 from Nicole. I managed to get a possible in the first string but crashed to a 46 in the second. Callum Beardslee saved his best for  a great 49 in his second string. Ross Mason clearly getting to grips with his unfamiliar SMLE also managed a 49 as he rose up the scoreboard.

Back to 800 yards and Nicole M and Mike Collings were tied for first place. The usual discussion took place as to the elevations required and the differences between relative differences between those using Parker Hale or Central rear sights. Most importantly all shooters were straight on at 800.

The conditions were beginning to get tricky. The wind was rising and falling. It was changing from left to right. It was coming from behind and from in front. None of this stopped Mike Collings putting down a match and championship winning 75.12!! He really worked for this and it was the best shoot of the competition. It was not unbeatable but certainly a strong statement from Mike that he wanted to take the DTVC Trophy back to Te Puke.

Nicole put up a valiant 72.7 only to be topped by our daughter Kiriahi in her first DTVC with a 73.9. Well done those girls. Ernie 71.6, Malcolm 71.5, Ross 70.4, and John Jordan, wearing Steve Bain’s shooting jacket, rounded out the top scores with a creditable 70.7.

The standard of marksmanship was excellent. The conduct of the shooters beyond reproach and the general attitude was in the spirit of the DTVC .303 competition. Well done everyone.

Back to KRC for a drink and the presentation of prizes. As always we are blessed with the presence of the descendants of Dick Travis. Noel Bockett and his wife Denise came over from Australia and Keith and Rita come down from Opotiki. Many shooters engaged with the family and stories were swapped.

Cloth badges for the top ten shooters were presented. Each with the finishing place on it. This year was the first time we had top shot cloth badges. This was for the top shot at any distance. These went to Nicole 50.7 at 500, 50.6 at 300, and Mike for his 50.8 at 600 and 75.12 at 800. Well done those shooters.

Firearms Safety Specialists Ltd puts up cash for prizes each year and in 2018 they went to Kiriahi M for third place – $100, Nicole M for second place – $200 and Mike Collings the winner – $300.

Of course Mike was also presented with the Dick Travis VC Trophy for the second time and it goes back to Te Puke again. Well done that man! A great display of marksmanship with a P14 rifle.

Noel Bockett always gives me three $50 notes to give out to those who deserve something. This year they went to Sam Stevenson our long suffering scorer and entry taker. Thank you Sam. Also to Fiona Beardslee who worked tirelessly helping with dressing the range, with dinner duties and generally being useful to everyone who needed help. Also to Ross Mason who showed great attitude. Asking to borrow 100 cases, reloading dies, and reloading a .303 rifle for the first time. Then getting a zero the week before. That was the spirit that deserved recognition.

All in all another great competition.

Photos and a link to them at the Karori Rifle Club website will follow shortly.

See you in 2019.

Match Director
Karori Rifle Club
Dick Travis VC 2018

Karori Rifle Club, Seddon Rifle Range, Trentham, National Rifle Association of New Zealand

Where:    Karori Rifle Club

When:      Wednesday, 31st January 2018 after shooting 

All are welcome to attend to buy and sell new and second hand goods.


Bookings for available space essential: Contact Nicole from the Karori Rifle Club phone:

Businesses are welcome to sell – please contact us first to discuss

When:                                   Sunday, 3 December 2017

Sign in:                                 At Karori Rifle Club rooms from 0800 onwards

Cost:                                     $40 per entry, score cards will be handed out at KRC rooms

Range Briefing:                    at 0855 hrs

Competition starts:              0900 hrs


  • Self squadding on the mound before the range briefing
  • 2 x 10 counting shots plus 2 sighters; and 1 x 15 counting shots plus 2 sighters

At the end of each string squads to move targets to the right and one person up the Board. Number of targets to move up after each string will be advised on the morning.

  • Electronic Targets will be used, please bring a device
  • NRA Rules to apply
  • NRA Grading will apply (competitors may enter a higher grade if they wish)



Any questions or pre-entry notifications please reply to: Steve

President  Karori Rifle Club






NameClubGrade500 Yards500 YardsTOTAL
Maurice SubritzkyKaroriFO58.0458.07116.11
Graeme CookKaroriFO55.0557.03112.08
Simon TeagueKaroriFO47.0260.03107.05
NameClubGrade500 Yards500 YardsTOTAL  
Wayne SubritzkyKaroriFTR59.0459.06118.1
Karyn FlanaganKaroriFTR57.0459.04116.08
Steve FlanaganKaroriFTR58.0454.04112.08
Saul ReidKaroriFTR53.0357.01110.04
Ernie SchuchKaroriFTR52.0154.02106.03
Ross TaitKaroriFTR474895
NameClubGrade500 Yards500 YardsTOTAL  
Nicole McKeeKaroriTR-B48.0247.0295.04
Kiriahi McKeeKaroriTyro41.0446.0187.05
Charlotte FlanaganKaroriTR-A49.0349.03

RIP Patron of the Karori Rifle Club – Mr Cor Husmann

It is with sadness that I inform you all that Cor Husmann Patron of the Karori Rifle Club has passed away.

Cor’s life ended on the 19th of July 2017. He has been cremated wearing his black New Zealand Blazer. A private family service will be held for him this week. Cor is survived by his wife Jos, two sons and grandchildren.

Cor joined the Karori Rifle Club in the post war era staying a staunch and vocal advocate for our club for decades. Cor attended all KRC functions wearing his blue Karori knitted jumper with his name on it and his blue KRC blazer. After the original Karori Rifle Club burned down Cor was one of the driving forces behind the rebuild and extension of our Club house.  He also built the family home in Point Howard with his own hands.

He is remembered as a great man both in stature and for his Dutch temperament. Cor would fiercely voice his opinions about the direction of the club and any proposed changes it considered. He also fiercely voiced his opinions on how the range should run on a Saturday and how people should behave both on the range and in the club house. He continued to give his advice to myself and Immediate Past President Shaun Connolly. Advice that both Shaun and I have cherished and will miss dearly.

Cor was a fantastic marksman. He won the club championships from B Grade and also made the NZ Palma Team. I am told that he may have been the first Chairman of the NZ Veterans Association and made their team many times. He kindly donated his Range shooting hat to the Karori Rifle Club many years ago with a plethora of badges.

His personality and antics are well remembered; from enjoying a beer with Don Wilton and Colin Simonsen to staunchly supporting the Dutch football team, to the time he crashed into Bob Bent’s car on Seddon range when Bob had the only other car parked on the range.

Rest in peace Cor Husmann. Thank you for your contribution to the Karori Rifle Club, to New Zealand Fullbore Rifle Shooting and to New Zealand. You will be sadly missed but fondly remembered.

Nga mihinui
Nicole McKee
Karori Rifle Club

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